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LightroomNYC Workshops are Different

We’ve crafted a different approach to learning Lightroom and photography. While most workshop instructors lack our professional experience and qualifications, we offer you real insider knowledge and practical skills while enjoying a semi-private workshop that is second to none:


  • With a maximum of 4 guests, you’ll enjoy the full attention of your instructors. Most importantly, you simply won’t get this kind of instruction in a large workshop environment.


  • Our thoughtfully crafted workshops have been designed around getting the most out of Lightroom and photography. This is a hands-on class where you not only get to watch how it’s done, you also get to follow along, step-by-step on your laptop to learn professional techniques and skills. And, with a 2 to 1 teacher to student ratio, you’ll never get left behind.


  • Together, we average more than 30 years of digital photography experience and have hard-earned certifications from Adobe demonstrating our expertise and skill. From start to finish we’re both keeping an eye on everyone’s progress. We are two of the most qualified, dedicated and passionate instructors you’ll ever work with. Ask any of our clients!

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D.A Wagner

Having purchased his first computer in 1984, D.A.Wagner has worked as a commercial digital photographer in NYC for over 30 years and has won hundreds of awards for his work. He taught digital photography and Photoshop at the Fashion Institute of Technology for nine years and currently works as a private photography coach for serious amateurs and professionals. D.A. was certified by Adobe as a Lightroom Expert in October of 2014.


David Mark Erickson

David Mark Erickson is a photojournalist with over 10 years of national and international experience. He specializes in wildlife safaris in East Africa, where he lived for over a decade. David has worked at International Center of Photography (ICP) and Digital Photography School as a photography and Lightroom instructor and has used Adobe Lightroom since its initial public release in 2007. He was certified as an Adobe Lightroom Expert in December 2013.


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In over three years of studying with David, I have learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of photography: I’ve learned to take better photos, organize my photo library with Lightroom, to select my best photos from the thousands I take, develop them using Lightroom’s vast and ever-increasing set of tools, and create beautiful photo books. David is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also an excellent teacher who is a pleasure to study with.


Shaula Yemini Alexander, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur, NYC

I’m an old film photographer who recently switched to digital … DA brought my questions down to simple explanations that made perfect sense. He’s a natural teacher in the best sense.  It’s great that DA learned Lightroom as a photographer.  That enabled him to speak to me Photographer to Photographer.

David Alexander

Photographer, Hotel California Album Cover

My filing system or rather "non-system" was in total chaos. David was able to grasp the scope of the problem and devise a reasonable plan of action to resolve the issues.

Dr. Richard Stein, M.D.

New Jersey

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